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Oct 7, 2016

Doug Gray was there on D-Day and beyond. He wrote his diary and fascinating it is too. He even wrote a diary entry on the day he won his military medal, before he knew he'd won it!

The diary’s been supplied by Doug’s family. The entries start just before D-Day and finish several weeks after, so it’s quite a rare historical record because soldiers were forbidden to keep diaries in case they got captured. Doug's WWII diary tells a really excellent story with drama, tragedy and humour. 

17 June 1944:

"Poor old Topper runs into a Spandau and gets five bullets in him. Marvelous piece of work by an officer getting him out. Doc thinks he might pull through. Hope so, as he's the best Sergeant in the Battalion and hates Jerries more than anyone, on account of him seeing his brother killed next to him at Akarit."

More great unpublished history - of the Second World War.

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Doug Gray, below. 

D-Day hero CSM Doug Gray MM, WW2


Ike Rawson, Doug's best pal

Ike Rawson, Normandy hero, WW2

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