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Aug 30, 2019

Accounts of my trip to Normandy - including Gold beach and Omaha.

An exclusive preview of the new British Normandy Memorial which is dedicated to the 22,000 British, French and other foreigners killed during the World War two Normandy campaign.

Some excellent D-Day passages from a book I’ve been reading about the D-Day landings, D-Day the Battle for Europe.

"There was little sleep that night. The first squadrons were off in the night."

"There was a pause in the bombing attacks about four in the morning and my son climbed onto the wall to see what was happening. He started shouting, “Mummy, mummy, the sea’s black with boats. I knew that the invasion had started."

"We reached a landing craft and I was in a different world. All the men were wearing campaign ribbons and they were so calm. They were real men, real soldiers and I felt elated to be amongst them."

"I reached the sea wall and leaned against it to regain my breath. Other soldiers were doing the same. That was when I realised that some of our men were missing."


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Victoria Second World War re-enactorCrepon Victoria Second World War WW2 re-enacto


Crepon statue - Normandy WWII soldier

Crepon statue - Normandy WWII soldier

Attacking the beaches in Normandy - British Normandy Memorial at Ver sur Mer, Gold Beach

Attacking the beaches in Normandy - British Normandy Memorial at Ver sur Mer, Gold Beach

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