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May 8, 2018

The story of Brian Asquith, who was a Rifleman in the Kings Royal Rifle Corps and was captured at Dunkirk in 1940, WWII.
A dangerous but heart-warming adventure in war-time Poland. Learn how the Polish people and the human race come out on top despite deadly dealings by the Nazis.

"Suddenly through the haze we saw a flight of 20 large planes in arrow formation at about 10,000 feet. As they came nearer we realised they were American Fortresses".

"We found a courtyard with steps leading to a cellar and decided this would be our hiding place, but we’d only been there for about half an hour when we heard footsteps in the yard and heard a loud voice say 'Englander, Aus'."

More great unpublished history - of the Second World War.

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Brian Asquith, author of POW memoir Long Time No WC.

ww2 wwii POW 

This 13 yr old German boy was one of 60 members of the Hitler Youth captured by the 14th Armoured Division, 3rd US Army, in the vicinity of Martinszell-Waltenhofen, Germany on April 29, 1945. The group of youngsters ranged in age from 13-17 yrs old. US Army Signal Corps photo - PFC Joseph W. Lapine
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