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Bill Cheall fought at Dunkirk, North Africa and Sicily. He was in the first wave on Gold Beach on D-Day and ended his war in Germany. Since Bill's WW2 memoirs were published, many former comrades have come forward with stories and diaries of their own, all forming part of the jigsaw of Bill's war.

The Fighting Through podcast gives you the stories behind the story. You’ll hear memoirs and memories of veterans connected to Bill's war in some way – and much more. So you're going to hear some great, unpublished history.

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Bill Cheall WW2

Oct 15, 2016

D-Day poetry of CSM D E Gray MM

Great unpublished history!

"We're having a marvellous time!"


When Company Sergeant Major Gray wasn't fighting for the Green Howards, sometime in 1944 he found time to compose some war poetry. Six linked poems paint a picture of the journey across the English Channel and onwards through Normandy, ending with a letter home to Doug's mum and dad, telling them what a marvellous time he was having.

Composed with a great sense of humour, these poems make essential listening for any war buff.

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